off sick or unemployed Returning to the labour market

An AS3 Work&Care programme is aimed at those suffering from a mental or physical disorder or for who some other form of failure to thrive is a barrier to employment.


På vores forløb bliver du vejledt om og får redskaber til at håndtere dine problemstillinger, ligesom du – når du er parat til det - vil få støtte til at afklare dine muligheder for at vende tilbage til arbejdsmarkedet, hvad enten du i forvejen har tilknytning til en arbejdsplads (som sygemeldt) eller er ledig og skal søge nyt job.
“I have rediscovered myself and have been given the tools to cope with different situations” Citizen on programme, Frederikshavn

We focus closely on you and your needs

At AS3 Work&Care, our courses are fully customised to your needs. Among other things, this means that you will be called for an interview with our psychologist before beginning on our programme. In this interview, you will begin by discussing your situation and talk about your desires and expectations. Together, you will also determine whether the programme is right for you. Later on, you will participate in an interdisciplinary initiative, the first part of which will be in collaboration with the psychologist (and possibly a physiotherapist), with the gradual inclusion of our job coach as you become ready for it. Throughout the entire process, we are engaged in close dialogue with the caseworker at the job centre, about your development and well-being and about possible new initiatives that can help you back to work.

Find AS3 Centre

AS3 Work&Care covers the whole country and has several local centres. Find your local centre below or contact our support centre on 82 10 00 80.

were very satisfied or somewhat satisfied with their AS3 Work&Care programme in 2019.

Cross-disciplinary cooperation offers security
When we become sick or unhappy, this is seldom due to a single circumstance, but is almost always a combination of several simultaneous conditions.

Therefore, a return to the labour market normally requires simultaneous help from other quarters if it is to succeed.

team of specialists.
When you participate in one of our programmes, you will automatically be assigned to our multidisciplinary team of specialists. Normally, the team would be comprised of a clinical psychologist, a physiotherapist and a job coach, but can also include a social worker.

It is the job of the team to closely collaborate on you and your situation and give you the help you need to get you back to work as quickly as possible.