programme with as3 work&care


At AS3 Work&Care, we always start out from your situation and your desires.

The vast majority of our programmes have one overriding objective: That you should return to work, either in whatever job you already have (if you are on sick leave from your workplace) or in new employment (if you are unemployed).

On our programmes, we work in an interdisciplinary way. We do so, both to help you with your issues (mental or physical) and to improve your health and well-being, while also creating options for jobs and activity, in relation to the labour market. You will find out about, and learn, real strategies that will have a direct and preventative effect on these issues. 

Whether you are off sick or unemployed, the starting point is always the same. It is all about you and your assumptions and desires.

Registration for all our programmes should be done through your job centre.

Find your local job centre via