as3 work&care programme Group programme for people off sick and unemployed people with special challenges

Many sick and unemployed people who face special challenges, but who are close to recovery or are ready for a business-oriented offering, can be beneficially helped back to or closer to the labour market through an interdisciplinary group programme of shorter duration.

During our programme, we help the unemployed or sick person back to, or closer to, the labour market.

There will be a focus on understanding symptoms, cause and relapse prevention, as well as coping with stress, anxiety and depression. This is on the basis of a labour-market-oriented perspective where the citizen will be made aware of the challenges he or she may face when returning to work.

What is involved is a multi-disciplinary approach in which participants are instructed and counselled by a psychologist, physiotherapist and job coach with a view to upgrading personal qualifications.

During the programme, we will work on the following modules: 

• Psychoeducation

• Health and lifestyle

• Physical training

• Job focus

Upon completion of the programme, the job centre will receive written feedback with a plan for the person who is off sick or unemployed to help them return to the labour market.

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