as3 work&care Evidence-based and experience-based approach

At AS3 Work&Care, the sick or unemployed person will be given a holistic and multidisciplinary treatment in which guided support towards achieving and retaining a labour market-oriented focus is a central element.


Our efforts are based on the results that research indicates are particularly effective in relation to specific mental and physical disorders, as well as on AS3 Work&Care's experience in working with the sick and unemployed.

A lacking or unstable affiliation with the labour market is in itself a contribution to worsening of the illness for many people who are off sick. This is perfectly natural, because research shows that an association with the labour market increases quality of life and reduces the risk of illness and marginalisation.

Therefore, as part of our interdisciplinary approach, the work that we do is employment-oriented, right from the very first day of the programme, both to highlight the end goal of the initiative, but also to gradually accustom citizens to the idea that they will have to return to the labour market in the foreseeable future.

Key elements of our initiative:

  • Getting over illness  psychoeducation and cognitive behavioural therapy
  • Promotion of health – exercise, diet and general well-being
  • Transition coaching – motivation and preparedness for change
  • Job focus – clarification of job opportunities and job seeking
    Company placements
  • Work experience placement
“I've been given plenty of tools that I can use in relation to my situation, so I can move on. Nice.” Citizen on programme, Djursland

Our programmes

In close collaboration with the country's municipalities and job centres, we conduct many types of programme. We counsel all labour market target groups that are in need of a holistic and multidisciplinary approach to help them to return to or find clarification about the labour market. It applies to citizens on sickness benefit, unemployment benefit, social security, unemployment insurance benefits or on resources programmes. We like to plan our programmes in close dialogue with the client, with a view to fulfilling the latter's wishes and requirements to the best possible degree.
our professionalism - your guarantee


All our programmes are regularly reviewed and supervised by our specialist team to ensure that quality and professionalism are always the very best. Our team of specialists is also at our employees' disposal, in the event of any doubt about the programme, or if they need coaching/a sounding board.


AS3 Work&Care launched its first labour-market-related collaboration in 2013, but our significant achievements in our work with people on sick leave and the unemployed have since led many more job centres to enter into partnerships with us. We can also see that existing partnership agreements will be extended.