as3 work&care programme Unemployed with special challenges

At AS3 Work&Care, we help unemployed people with special challenges and who, despite the labour market-related initiatives they have so far been offered, have been unable to gain employment or start a qualification.


Special challenges can span from unemployment stress, mental vulnerability or general dissatisfaction to mental or social challenges that impede the path to the labour market.

We offer a broader labour market-oriented programme (psychologist, physiotherapist and job coach), which increases the readiness of the unemployed person for a job or qualification, through a holistic, multidisciplinary and differentiated response to mental and social issues or failure to thrive.

The goal is for the unemployed person to achieve self-reliance through a regular job or through training or, alternatively, commence a company-focused offering.

In practice, the programme also means that the unemployed person is able to avoid sick leave, long-term unemployment or dropping out of the unemployment insurance benefit system.

In the process, we conduct a systematic process of clarification and build the confidence of the unemployed, which is required if the partnership is to be successful and the programme is to lead to a job or training course.

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