as3 work&care programme Sick and unemployed people with complex issues

At Work&Care, we offer resource and job clarification programmes that are fully customised to the needs of the individual. 

The objective is the upgrading and development of the ability to function to the highest possible level: 

The person who is off sick or unemployed should be helped to return to the labour market, in the form of normal employment, a flex job, rehabilitation or education. 

If this is not possible, we prepare the case for the rehabilitation team through clarification, documentation and description of the ability to function.

The sick or unemployed person will be given a holistic and multidisciplinary treatment in which guided support towards achieving and retaining a labour market-oriented focus is a central element. 

The sick or unemployed person is assigned one of our case-coordinating social workers, who will have the task of ensuring that work is done to proceed towards the goal that has been determined by the rehabilitation team at the job centre. The person will also be assigned to our team of professional specialists. 

The specialist team is our guarantee that the sick or unemployed person will neither be over-treated or under-treated, but will receive exactly the right amount of help that he or she needs. This is also supported through use of test methods and ongoing evaluation of the participant's progression through the initiative.

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