as3 work&care programme Support initiatives

As a supplement to our employment-oriented programme with associated broad team of specialists, AS3 Work&Care also offers a number of more specialised and support initiatives.

A support initiative can be implemented separately (as support for the job centre's own initiatives) or as part of an ongoing collaboration.

Examples of support initiatives include the following:

  • Funktionsevneafklaring
  • Funktionsevnevurdering i hjemmet
  • Funktionsevnevurdering på arbejdspladsen
  • Smertetakling
  • Lær at takle
  • Afspænding/mindfullnes
  • Individuel screeningssamtale v/psykolog eller fysioterapeut
  • Social mentor
  • Opfølgning

Please contact one of our sales representatives for further information.

Relaxation programme

         Physical training

         Learn to address

         Dealing with pain

         Screening (with psychologist)

         Assessment of capacity for work

         Workplace evaluation

         Social mentor